EASI British Isles Update June 2019

Hello Everyone

Here is the June update about the EASI…

Ethics so far

We are delighted to advise you that we have received news of a very successful ethics application for Ireland and Scotland. We used the hard work done on the Irish application and learning from the Cardiff University Autism Study Senita to inform and develop our first UK application and consent forms. We were delighted then when the Scotland application came back with immediate approval – no changes on our first application! Thank you to Dr Helen Lynch and Dr Jeanne Jackson in Ireland and Dr Sinead Rhodes and Dr Tracey Stewart at Edinburgh University for helping Mandy and I to pull together this first application. The research application process forms, participant information, questionnaires, letters and assent and consent forms will now be able to be shared with other Country Leads to be used as a template for applications for the rest of the UK.


Social Media groups using Sensory Project’s FaceBook (FB) platform have been set up, to host local area discussions and chats for hosting of parties. WhatsApp will also be used for those who prefer a text based application.


The proposed list of testers and helpers for each region have been collated in line with GDPR, and we still have new applications from others wishing to join in with this exciting project. Their remain several people advising us that despite tester training emails being sent to out on 29 December 2018 by us and scoring checks being sent out by CLASI a while later, that they have not received them. Please can you all check your spam and junk mail accounts and let us know via hello@asi-wise.org if you have not yet received an email with attachments detailing how to login to learn the EASI. Once you have mastered the EASI principles online, you will be asked to check your ability to use the tests; the scoring checks. This is sent as a separate email to anyone who meets tester the EASI tester criteria (AHP with some SI Education) from Katie Estrada at CLASI. Katie can be emailed on kestrada@cl-asi.org. We will be advised who meets passes the scoring checks.

INDC Testing

Calculations for the number of children that are required to be tested across the UK and Ireland were completed by CLASI. England has required a little more maths and statistics, with help from census data and UK demographic stats. As 320 children need testing in England, it was necessary to know the distribution across our economic (and geographic) regions. We have been able to do this calculation and here are our results.

We are now looking at the urban and rural spread especially where 2 major cities can be found within an area, Liverpool and Manchester being a good example in the North West.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of children to be tested are in the London and South East region. Luckily, this is where we also have a high concentration of ably qualified therapists. Ros Urwin and her deputy Ali Neal are currently contacting potential local link therapists in each of these regions in England to help coordinate and manage local arrangements and logistics around ‘testing parties’. These may not always be the most qualified ASI Certified therapists, rather those who can help link and network with others and help source local testing areas. One of their roles will be keeping the local therapists up to date via Social Media. You can see these regions, calculations and FaceBook links on our Team’s page on the EASI British Isles website. More news about the ‘testing parties’ coming soon.


We are about to finalise the ordering of the 3d printed shapes from a supplier in Croatia, with generous sponsorship by ASI Wise, SI Network and the Wales SI group. These copies will be available for use across the 5 countries. If you would like your own copy of these from the EASI, you can also order directly from Croatia, or request a set is purchased as part of our larger order – with a potential saving for a bulk order. We are setting up an order form on the EASI British Isles website, with invoices being sent to individuals for payment via BACS transfer. We have built 2 EASI Kits, sourcing items from local suppliers – the list with links to details and prices at the time of going to press are all available on the website.

Next Steps

So, in conclusion, please do get busy completing your tester training and doing your scoring checks. The EASI Country and England local links will all be meeting soon virtually to consider the next steps and stages to setting up the ‘EASI parties’.  We anticipate this will start in Scotland after the ‘summer break’, with the other countries to follow.


Kath Smith

Regional Lead UK and Ireland

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