EASI 3D Pieces Advice

Photo by Chokniti Khongchum on Pexels.com

We have had a message from our colleagues with whom we have been working closely to bring the cheapest EASI 3D pieces to the UK, and with the correct health and safety checks in place. We do not recommend printing the pieces yourself for several reasons. This first is a liability.

The 3D shapes include oral pieces that need to use a specialist plastic, fit for use in the mouth and with correct qualities for cleaning under high heat, ensuring that disease is not passed on when they are used. This is especially important given that diseases like CJD remain a concern in the UK and Ireland.

The cost of purchasing just enough of each material and especially the oral grade materials and doing the safety compliance to use with clients is time-consuming and requires fees to be paid. The necessary due diligence and EU paperwork has been sought for the materials used by our recommended provider.

We are bulk purchasing to get the sets into the UK and the best possible price. The EASI Team for the British Isles did consider undertaking a 3D print process in the UK, using University connections however we cannot better the price from the company in Croatia who are supplying us.

The second concern is consistency – if you print off a single or more sets you will need to send them off abroad to have them compared to the sets by approved printers, to ensure consistency in the production across the globe. This process already trialled has highlighted the difficulty achieving this consistency and hence our decision and recommendation that this is not a DIY project.

You will then also require a process to ensure this consistency for future runs.

It is important that these pieces are printed correctly and to high quality. We do not recommend this as a DIY project.

All other items in the EASI can be bought within the UK and Ireland at a great price.

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