EASI History

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EASI Project

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A Jean Ayres

The EASI has a strong foundation in the history and research that underpins Ayres’ Sensory Integration, with the development of the test being led by Dr Zoe Mailloux, Dr A Jean Ayre’s Research Assistant for the development of the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests, published in 1989.

Like the EASI, the SIPT was developed with reference to an earlier set of tests, these original tests, the Southern Californian Sensory Integration Tests (SCSIT) were Ayres’ original tests for identifying sensory integration difficulties.

Part of the development of the EASI includes the collection of normative data across the globe. This global project includes the establishment of EASI U.K. and Ireland normative data collection team.

Currently, research and developments in Ayres’ Sensory Integration are very exciting, as a new test the EASI is being developed.

To date the team have helped to review items in development, creating a social media space to gather therapists trained in or learning ASI from across the UK and Ireland and most recently in developing the UK and Ireland contribution to helping international testers learn the EASI so normative data collection can happen.

Here is a copy of a slide from a presentation by Dr Smith Roley explaining the process of the EASI Test Development. Click here or below for the whole presentation.

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