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EASI Training Lesson and Scoring Check Log on and Resource info

To be ready for collecting normative data, you will need to complete two sets of online training modules:

  1. The EASI Training Lessons
  2. The Scoring Check “lessons” for your country

Most testers have been enrolled with their email address as both their user name and their password (if you have been previously enrolled in CLASI online lessons, you may have a different user name and password for those lessons; for the EASI lessons you MUST log in with your email address as your user name and password.  Please do not change either)

You will log in at:


the log in screen will look like:

Remember-first try your email address. If you might have changed your password, then click on “Forgot Your Password?”:

When you do this step, you should receive an email message telling you how to re-set your password.  If you do not get an email message, CHECK YOUR SPAM folder!  If you still cannot find the email message about setting up a new password, then let your Country Lead know and we can help.  If you do get the message, please use your email address as your password. 

When you log in you will see a screen that looks like this (although the Training Lessons will be either in English or in your language if available and your country name will be listed with the Scoring Check)

You will find test sheets, forms, and the manual as well as other documents under RESOURCES on the left side tool bar

As you are completing your training lessons and scoring check, be sure to review the document labeled “EASI Training Lessons and Scoring Check CORRECTIONS so that you will not be confused by some errors or points of confusion discovered after the lessons were finalized

Always check the folder labeled EASI English Test Sheets and Manual (a link to translated test sheets will be added soon) for the most up to date versions of test sheets:

If you do not “pass” any of the Scoring Checks, try again until you reach at least 80% agreement.  If you are having difficulty, check with your Country Lead. When the testers from a country have competed the Scoring Checks we will enroll you into REDCap, which is a different online platform where the normative data will be entered and stored.  To become familiar with REDCap, please review the videos, also found under RESOURCES on the Scoring Check page: