Sterilising the Oral 3D Pieces.

EASI Tactile Perception: Oral TP: O

This test utilizes 12 shapes that are printed with a bolt-stem.  The bolt-stem is pushed through any plastic water bottle cap, by making a small hole in the cap with a nail.  The shape is attached securely to the water bottle cap with a 3D printed nut. 

The TP:O shapes are printed with PETG,T glass, or HD glass.

As each item in the TP: O test is presented to the child and scored, the water bottle with the shape attached is placed into a bin. After testing the shapes are sanitized by one of the followingmethods:

Washing the shapes thoroughly with hot water and soap and air-drying them in a hygienic environment. [This is not the recommended method in the UK and Ireland]

Placing the shapes in a sanitiser (such as a baby bottle steam steriliser, dishwasher or autoclave). [Recommended method in UK and Ireland].

Check suitability of the 3D plastic in relation to the temperature of any sanitizing device.

Always use non-toxic cleaning solutions that are appropriate for oral use (e.g. dishwashing liquids for eating utensils)

TP: O shapes should be checked prior to EVERY test administration to ensure that the bolt and nut are tightly securing the shape to the water bottle cap so that there is no chance of the shaped coming off in the child’s mouth.

Shapes should also be checked for wear and tear. If any degradation, breakage, or indentation to the shape occurs, it should be replaced.

Never use glue or any other toxic material on the oral shapes. If they break or crack, replace them with new 3D printed shapes.

Copied from: EASI Manual 3D Instructions – January 2019