Update: UK EASI Project

So the last 2 weeks have been very exciting, with over 200 children recruited across England, Wales and Scotland. Testing parties are happening, and the first data has been entered into REDCap

Following on from the email to all testers from Dr Zoe Mailloux yesterday, please note that while the deadline may possibly be extended time (yet to be finally agreed) the UK Team Leads are in agreement that the final date we are aiming for is the 31st March, as this is the date we have communicated to testers and families already tested. The additional time if agreed, might then be available to tidy up data collection and check inter-rater reliability.

The system of regional, country [and in England area leads] was set up across the globe so that therapist testers can be supported and bring the questions to local leads. This allows local and regional questions to be answered using knowledge about regional context; informed by local ethics approvals, arrangements and agreements. This includes how test kits are sponsored/provided, children are recruited and testing is arranged and managed, and given local levels of need and support.

When required, the country and regional leads do discuss and escalate any questions using both formal and informal means to the international steering team, be able to reply as quickly as is possible to all our testers. An FAQ document has also been developed to support communication and information about how to access this is available in the country and area WhatsApp groups, to which all our testers have been invited.

It is incredible and a privilege to be a part of such an innovative initiative, happening in over 70 countries across the globe, working towards the 2020 Vision the every child matters!

“Every child matters”

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