Update: Sterilising Oral Pieces – Problem and Solution

So we have a problem. But, luckily one with a solution.

There were concerns about CJD and cleaning, but we have clarified this, and we do not have to have concerns as we are not putting the pieces onto exposed nervous tissue, like a dentist or brain surgeon. We can follow national standards and guidelines used in many hospitals. Initially therpaists tested some short steaming after washing in low power microwaves, this did not melt the pieces. Clearly as above, this is not so for all!

Steam cools, so if the thermoplastic pieces are not immersed in the boiling water and the steam doesn’t become too hot it does work. However controlling the variables of time and microwave wattage, while busy doing other things, is tricky.

We recommend that either dishwashing as recommended or cold water sterilising is the best option. This is the same as cups and cutlery in schools and hospitals. The (dishwasher) temperature guide is not above 60 degrees.

Cold Water Sterilising Method: Use as per instructions – see example from brand leader below

NB: Remove without touching the oral pieces with bare hands

A helper at a testing party makes it possible to carry out this procedure in the room if you have a couple of glass bowls for washing in and a sterilising container


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