EASI Update: Children Understood

Kath Smith and other members of the British Isles EASI Team were at the SIE Autumn Conference to present an EASI update. As the majority of therapists in the room at today’s presentation are not registered to be EASI INDC tests, it was a great opportunity to share the history of this project, where it is now, what will be happening over the next few months and then what the EASI will mean for future practice.

EASI country and area leads were on hand to showcase the contents of an EASI Kit, showing people how this test beyond the specialist 3D pieces is truly DIY build your own from local high street and online stores.

Sharing the EASI as a bigger part of the ASI 2020 Vision was in keeping with key messages delivered over and over again by different speakers. The history of sensory integration and its ability to change lives, innovation, the importance of thorough assessment, and the value of being a part of the wider ASI community.

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