EASI Update: REDCap Registrations and more

So this weekend has seen the first batch of UK testers registered ready for the EASI normative data collection on the international data collection platform, REDCap.

Scotland 14 registered testers

England 37 registered testers

A big thank you must be said to all our area leads who have been working tirelessly in the area groups to motivate and support people to complete their scoring checks.

We do however still need more testers to complete their scoring checks and be registered to REDCap. This will ensure we test at least the minimum number of children required for each country in our region. The minimum number that need to be tested are:

  • Wales 20
  • Ireland 30
  • Northern Ireland 10
  • Scotland 30
  • England 320

The minimum number of young people needing to be tested in England is almost identical to the minimum numbers that need to be tested in Wales (20) Ireland (30), Northern Ireland (10) and Scotland (30).

Here is the English (320) regional breakdown of the minimum number of children that need to be tested per area for the data be able to be statistically significant.

data calculations based on 2017 census figures

The next steps are for the local groups in to get together and plan their testing parties. Please get in touch with your country or area leads via the FB and WhatsApp groups we have set up for each area. Details for these can be found here.

More about REDCap for those of you who are interested in the research technology and what it can do.


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