EASI Update from Scotland

Mandy Adamson and the EASI testers in Scotland had their first therapists meet-up yesterday to practice the EASI together, gather together items needed for the EASI testing kits and to start to arrange Scotland’s EASI Testing parties.

This is where groups of therapists get together and they to test groups of children. It has been suggested this is the best and most supportive way to get this done, and this is reflected in our ethics applications.

Liz Brown has sent us news from the party;

“Yesterday’s meeting in Glasgow was really productive and so good to see the EASI tests all laid out. It offered us the opportunity to try out and discuss the tests in pairs or small groups.
Thank you Catherine and Mandy for providing the items and for getting us into our groups. And to Cheryl for hosting us at Rowanbank.
Personally I’m much clearer on what we’re doing now. It was well attended and such a positive meeting.”

EASI 3D Pieces – 23 sets sponsored for sharing across the British Isles for practicing with at local area therapist planning EASI Tester Meet-ups and then for doing the real thing at the EASI Testing Parties!

More news soon.

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