EASI Update: EASI Kits for EASI INDC Testing

For the INDC testing, countries and local areas will need to be able to borrow or have access to materials to make up local EASI Kits. We are delighted to hear Scotland are meeting soon to organise this for their area. Two sets of tactile pieces have been posted to Mandy Adamson, Scotland Lead for their meet-up in a week.

To find out about possible local sources of the rest of the equipment needed to make up an EASI Kit, please see our list of local suppliers.

Thank you to Jemma Smith, Student OT, UWE for researching the best prices online and in local stores. If you find a better price please do let us know so we can update these suggestions via this link.

The only parts of the EASI Test Kit that cannot be bought on the local high street or online are the tactile discrimination pieces. We have been able to get sponsorship for 23 sets to share out across the UK and Ireland from 3 organisations including ASI Wise, Sensory Integration Network and the Welsh Sensory Integration Special Interest Group.

If you would like to buy your own set, they can be ordered here.

We purchase them in bulk for cheaper local distribution via local postage. No profit is made on these sales. As the first bulk order is now SOLD OUT, we have placed a further order for 30 sets. You can pre-order these before they arrive in the UK, with delivery anticipated to be mid-end November 2019.

Shop now

NEWS: We will display and showcase an example of an EASI Kit at the Sensory Integration Education Autumn Conference in November. The event will be attended by the EASI Region and UK Country Leads.

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